About Us


For the last 16 years our family has had a front row seat to the uniqueness of Jalen. He continued to grow even at the hint of being an unviable egg. At birth, it was discovered he was "abnormal". Not the abnormality that can be seen, but the one that's undetectable by others; a unilateral hearing loss.  No one in our family was born with hearing issues - normal pregnancy, easy birth, no indications of abnormalities. 

After audiograms to determine the severity of the loss and MRIs to find a potential cause, it was discovered there was a moderate to severe loss with an Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct (EVA). This discovery identified him a medical anomaly, abnormal at birth. 

Despite Jalen's disability, we were blessed with amazing ability to learn to speak normally and produce the most amazing music both vocally and instrumentally with perfect pitch. His ability to "feel" other's feeling and intentions are remarkable. 

Having a front row seat to his life allowed us to see just how peculiar, set apart, deviation from the norm he is. Consequently, I have realized that "It's Anomaly 4 Me" We all can deviate from the norm and be set apart.